Children Learning Disability Test - by Dr. Ronand Cantwell M.D.

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Test Supervisor. This Test requires supervision of the student by a college educated adult. This person is selected by the person who requested the test procedure. One of the student’s parents can act as a supervisor.

Site selection. The test must take place in a quiet room free from distractions such as traffic noise, telephone, or television. The test can be taken on any day or time that is convenient to the parent, supervisor, and the student.

The test is taken on any internet connected computer open at the start of the SLD Test program.

  • The supervisor sits alongside the student facing the computer screen.
  • The supervisor should now ensure that the computer is functioning and the audio program can be EASILY HEARD.
  • During the test the supervisor should avoid any negative emotional reactions to the student’s answers.
  • Also, the supervisor MUST be sure that the student fully understands each test question. If there is no answer to a question, this question may be repeated, but the exact wording must be used each time.
  • The supervisor can now ask the first question and then listen carefully to be sure if the answer is correct or incorrect. If the answer is correct, the appropriate blue circle on the screen is checked. If it is incorrect, the red circle is checked. This procedure is followed until all the questions have been answered.

After reading and agreeing to these instructions, the supervisor must
check the box “I agree” and can then click the “Start the Test” link.