Children Learning Disability Test - by Dr. Ronand Cantwell M.D.

Specific Learning Disabilities Test For Children
Privacy Policy

How we obtain and manage confidential student information regarding this Test.

The SLDTest4Children is a clinically proven online diagnostic Test that identifies SD in 6-8 year-old children. The Test which is protected by Copyright registration  was developed from the research of  Dr. Ronald Cantwell, MD to identify learning disorders in first, second, and third grade students. The evaluation requires the student’s parent or legal guardian to provide personal  information about the student’s developmental information at home and in school. It may also provide written authorization to allow the student’s teacher to release information about the student’s academic progress and conduct in the classroom. The student’s answers to the test questions are collected through an internet based questionnaire.

Release of confidential information

Any information provided for the purposes of this test and the test results, will remain confidential within the school administration. It will not be released to any third party, including student’s teacher or psychologist, without written authorization from the student’s parent or legal guardian. The only exception to this policy is when ordered to release this information in writing by a court of competent jurisdiction.

This policy is subject to periodic revisions.

Revised October 25th 2020