Children Learning Disability Test - by Dr. Ronand Cantwell M.D.

The Learning Disabilities Quotient indicates that a Severe form of Learning Disabilities is present.


Your child has met the U.S. Department of Education’s criteria for specific Learning Disabilities(also known as Dyslexia).

The next step for this student is having a psychological evaluation (if not already done.) to confirm the SLD condition and to determine if the student meets the Federal and State criteria as a Disability as required by “IDEA” legislation. It is also to determine if this child qualifies to receive Special Education as an SLD student. This will also determine if special classroom modifications are necessary to improve the student’s rate of learning. Parents should know about these modifications in case the students classroom is changed and these modifications are discontinued. A parent should have a folder containing this and every future progress report for future reviews as necessary.

Any student with moderate to severe SLD should be evaluated by a child neurologist or by a pediatrician with expertise in learning disorders to determine if there is a need for special medication to improve the student’s rate learning.

Finally, you should continually be asking the teacher if your student is functioning below grade level so you can obtain tutoring from a teacher who is certified in teaching students with SLD.