Children Learning Disability Test - by Dr. Ronand Cantwell M.D.

About Dr. Cantwell

Dr. Ronald Cantwell is an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of Miami School of Medicine and is Board Certified in Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics and  Learning Disorders. He trained at the Children’s Hospital, London, England, and at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  Dr. Cantwell is also a Member of the American Society for Developmental Pediatrics and is also trained in clinical Child Neurology.

Dr. Cantwell has carried out considerable research on the importance of early diagnosis and management of learning disorders. He served as President of the Florida State Association of Children with Learning Disabilities and as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Children with Learning Disabilities.

After founding the multidisciplinary Cantwell Pediatric Achievement Center for the evaluation and management of children with learning and behavioral problems, he then founded Cantwell Academy, a clinical school for children with significant learning difficulties. He was on the Board of Directors at Children’s Resources, a preschool/school program for children with developmental delays in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Cantwell has extensively written about and taught the early identification and holistic management of children’s learning disorders, primarily the one in five elementary students with Specific Learning Disabilities (including Dyslexia), and ADHD. Without appropriate special education, these are the future Illiterate adults in our society. Currently, many of these students are not being identified until third grade, by which time they have experienced serious academic difficulties. To correct this problem, Dr. Cantwell worked in multidisciplinary teaching environments with school psychologists, special educators, and speech and language pathologists to develop a simple, accurate, and easy to administer test that diagnoses students with learning disorders as early as in the first grade. This allows early remediation that is essential for a significant reduction in the incidence of academic failure. This will also reduce the high school dropout rate and the incidence of adult Illiteracy.


Medical School, University of New Zealand
Residency Children’s Hospital Brighton’ Sussex, England
Junior Specialist in Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital, Auckland, N.Z.
Fellow, Developmental Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD.


Associate Professor in Clinical Pediatrics, University of Miami School of Medicine
Diploma in Child Health, University of London, England
U.S. Board Certification in Pediatrics
Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
U.S. Board Certified Developmental Pediatrics
Fellow Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Fellow Royal College of Physicians (Ed.)


Current articles can be found at
“Nutritional Anemia of Infancy: a cause of ADHD and SLD in First Grade”
“Identification of ADHD and SLD (including personal learning style (in Miami K-1 Students)”


President Florida State Association for Children with Learning Disabilities
Board of Directors, Association for Children and Adults with L.D.
Board of Directors, Children’s Resources School, Miami, Florida
Grant Reviewer, Children’s Trust, Miami, Florida
Preschool Screening Committee, Broward County Board of Public Instruction
Miami-Dade School Board “Commendable Contribution to Education”